You had Theta in the past, what did you move onto?

Just a question I’ve been thinking about. I once stumbled across a well equipped Theta Casanova and really loved the sound for 2 channel as well as HT use. Real shame that Theta never released a follow on processor, and the Casablanca units have always been too expensive for me, not to mention, really slow in coming out.

Eventually I’ve settled with Anthem for HT. I’ve certainly had a couple of brands which were a lot worse.

So for any of you who, like me, have beebig Theta Digital fans but have had to move on, what did you do?


PS - Here's a pic of the Theta Supernova, a never released successor to the Casanova:


I never really understood plowing $$$ into a pre pro to be able to get good 2-channel sound.  IMHO most AVRs do an acceptable job of performing surround processing and amplification, so choosing one with preouts to feed stereo separates or an integrated to handle 2-channel duties seems like a much more cost-effective way to get great stereo and HT in one system.  But that’s me. 


In my case it comes from experience. The older, pre HDMI Theta was just superb sounding in all formats compared to modern, HDMI equipped Onkyo and Emotiva models which I owned briefly. Even using the Onkyo as a preamp there was absolutely no comparison. The Theta was a far more musical and pleasant experience, especially from the mid to bass range.

The closest I got for DVD/BueRay with HDMI was an Oppo to a Halo P7. That also sounded really good. It was a long time until I had a processor (Anthem) which could compare in sound quality to the Oppo’s analog outputs.