You had Theta in the past, what did you move onto?

Just a question I’ve been thinking about. I once stumbled across a well equipped Theta Casanova and really loved the sound for 2 channel as well as HT use. Real shame that Theta never released a follow on processor, and the Casablanca units have always been too expensive for me, not to mention, really slow in coming out.

Eventually I’ve settled with Anthem for HT. I’ve certainly had a couple of brands which were a lot worse.

So for any of you who, like me, have beebig Theta Digital fans but have had to move on, what did you do?


The closest I got for DVD/BueRay with HDMI was an Oppo to a Halo P7. That also sounded really good. It was a long time until I had a processor (Anthem) which could compare in sound quality to the Oppo’s analog outputs.

Not sure I understand.  I’d say running a good-quality 2-channel source/DAC into an good-quality stereo pre/amp combo or integrated would be superior to running it through the Anthem and probably comparable or even better than the Theta as there are dedicated power supplies, less noise, etc. that the stereo signal gets subjected to.  Anyway, that was my point and not sure where you were going with HDMI. 

Hey @soix ,

HDMI only comes into the picture as a marker of time. The Casanova was pre-HDMI so I was looking for a processor which sounded at least as good but with modern connectivity and support for hi definition DVD/BD audio.

I thought that with technological progress all modern HDMI processors would at least be the equal of the much older Casanova. They were not.

@bdp24 - Please elaborate! What Theta gear did you have and why was Esoteric a logical step for you?


I've never experienced a Theta pre/pro, but I have talked in depth with several owners that moved from the Casablanca V on to the Trinnov. Per "their" ownership experience, the move to a Trinnov Altitude provided better if not equal sound quality; this using two channel audio as a reference. Many use Roon which the altitude is set up for.