You know when you are dealing with a BS company....

...when you read statements like this:

"You can expect a 15% to 20% improvement in sound for each level as you move up the line. The improvements are in soundstage, resolution, realism, musical presentation, impact, etc."

Me: yeah, the humidity in my room changed from 44 to 45% yesterday, and I immidiately noticed that the realism dropped by 3.4%, yet the musical presentation actually WENT UP by 8.3%. I was able to compensate by turning the lights on in the kitchen and changed my socks. Puh, that was close.





The idea that something is more convincing if it is rendered in a number is the source of a whole lot of bad thinking. Paul Simon had it right. 


Morrow Audio should get the same ad writer as Synergistic Research! Talk about hyperbole!

This is the first company I've seen rate recommended speaker cables by amplifier wattage. This seems more dubious than the 15-20% improvement "examples". 

I’m not a fan of the marketing hype and the constant sales…but that said, the cables sound great and represent solid value for money. In my system they equaled of bettered the Acoustic Zen and Nordost cables they replaced in my humble system. And, importantly (to me at least) the cables are supple and are easy to install.  I certainly saw improvements going from level three to four to five. YMMV.  And I’ve always found them friendly and easy to deal with.   I’d recommend a different marketing and pricing strategy, but when I needed cables for a second system it was far simpler to just call them and get what I needed at a price that wasn’t crazy.