You know when you are dealing with a BS company....

...when you read statements like this:

"You can expect a 15% to 20% improvement in sound for each level as you move up the line. The improvements are in soundstage, resolution, realism, musical presentation, impact, etc."

Me: yeah, the humidity in my room changed from 44 to 45% yesterday, and I immidiately noticed that the realism dropped by 3.4%, yet the musical presentation actually WENT UP by 8.3%. I was able to compensate by turning the lights on in the kitchen and changed my socks. Puh, that was close.





I am 15% sadder r (measured with metric digital happy meter) after reading most of the comments, since 80% don't even recognize when they confronted with BS. 

It is also confirmed that US audio equipment consumers are 12.8% dumber (measured on the thick as a brick scale in SI units) as initially expected. 

This whole good, better, best thing reminds me of the good better best hype found with some of the junk aftermarket auto parts sold at most auto parts stores.

If a manufacture specializes in a certain product, in general, the product is either good or it isn't. On a professional level, critical products are bought on the merit and value of their performance not on hype and blue sky.......Jim


i think maybe it is time to let it go

we got your point... some folks are more gullible or skeptical than others... marketers do what they do...  life goes on -- there is much noise in our lives, from many sources, we grin and bear it