You know you have audiophile system when...

The definition of an audiophile systems is truly unknown, but recently after dabbling with tube rolling, power cables, and interconnects my system achieved a level where its clarity was no longer what grabbed my attention. Instead, I was distinctly hearing the bloom and decay of every note in the music. It’s just a different level that I believe has me listening to music differently.  It translates into greater dynamics and voices and instruments having more distinct vibrato characteristics.


too bad for you since jackhifiguy and others did not respond to the question which was how you know if you have an audiophile system, not whether you're an audiophile or the definition thereof.

I liked mikeydee's answer best for humor or maybe arcam88's although i can listen for hours and smile on the road with just a car stereo.

I can 'relate' to everything posted after my last. *L*

@2channel8 , if Foxworthy is a 'phile, that was it... ;)

Hi back 'atcha, @dabel ...*G*

Hmmm....listening to this as of this moment:


...kinda sums up the past week, with Yrs Unruly = My B*tch.,

...been a tweak week, onsite in SC on a project in the sprint to the Grand Opening to the public....


4th and 9th pans in the opening loop....

Looks 'rough' in the playground areas prior to the parking lot, but these are considerable older.  Looks a lot more 'finished', now...

We 'do' playground 'stuff..  *S*  Yes, we take Play Seriously, we work @ play. 👍

THIS, AG, etc. is my play away from 'play'. ;)

What and how I play during 'recreational' play is what I'm up to Now. *G*

Y'all have a Great Weekend.