You know you have audiophile system when...

The definition of an audiophile systems is truly unknown, but recently after dabbling with tube rolling, power cables, and interconnects my system achieved a level where its clarity was no longer what grabbed my attention. Instead, I was distinctly hearing the bloom and decay of every note in the music. It’s just a different level that I believe has me listening to music differently.  It translates into greater dynamics and voices and instruments having more distinct vibrato characteristics.


@dabel ....Not bad, overall. *knuckle knock*  Been awhile since I've had to spend 5 onsite daze in the field, but the old harness still fits....a little 'looser' of late.

But now I get the occasional 'How old are you?  Why aren't you retired?'

The answer hangs on how I feel 'bout it....*G*

"This IS my retirement.  I've got guys to do the schlep stuff..."

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"I'm here because you needed an excuse and/or an example..."


I always 'swing for the stands' answering the odd queer queries. ;)

How are you, d?  *G* I'm functioning 'gud 'nuff.... 

@wyoboy - As often happens, the responses were not what I was looking for.  In my system I have considered it to be an audiophile system since I first purchased it, but after rolling tubes and playing with power cables and interconnects it because apparent that it was at a very different level.  I think the investment in cables that truly made the difference was about $250 which is relatively insignificant compared to the overall value of my system, but it made a huge difference.

Now you've got me curious about the cables--interconnect or speaker and brand?

My feeling that i had achieved an "audiophile system" was when i invested enough to have constant "wow" moments of "they are here" or "i am there" on live recordings (esp acoustic) and even studio recordings where the engineers attempted to achieve that with the miking and instrument placement.  I wish that could have been achieved with cables only but it required a more significant investment in every category: amplification, speakers, DAC, turntable/tonearm/cart--but other than [possibly] cable tweaks or tonearm/cartridge upgrades i'm done---probably, maybe...

that's probably a fair statement for many audiophiles--but hopefully their goal would be to make music sound, well, more musical ?  It's certainly why i focus almost exclusively on live recordings these days and i'm pretty satisfied with the sound...well, almost, maybe...