You know you have audiophile system when...

The definition of an audiophile systems is truly unknown, but recently after dabbling with tube rolling, power cables, and interconnects my system achieved a level where its clarity was no longer what grabbed my attention. Instead, I was distinctly hearing the bloom and decay of every note in the music. It’s just a different level that I believe has me listening to music differently.  It translates into greater dynamics and voices and instruments having more distinct vibrato characteristics.


@wyoboy - In my system, a Waudio 10AWG power cable made a significant difference for my amplifier and both Chicago and now Sydney interconnects from Audioquest made a significant difference between my DAC and amplifier. I have some other cables in the system, but really believe that these two made the most (if not all) difference. I’m not one to spend hours swapping things to verify everything to the Nth degree. I tend to decide what I want to upgrade to and if I don’t hear anything to the contrary I just go with it. The two cables above made immediate improvements in my system that were as significant to my ears as tube rolling has been in my Pathos Classic One MkIII amplifier.

I struggle to really describe the changes, but the change is signicant enough that I can "hear it" even on recordings that I have not listened to for a long time.  There's just a dynamic and depth that wasn't there prior to the cable upgrades.

@mceljo thanks for the info--i've been using AQ's Red River IC's for Pre to DAC--which appear to be almost the same cost as Sydney -- i'll go to AQ's site to see what the differences are.  My amp came with a 10 awg PC so i haven't changed that out but it's not a huge cost to try yours so i may.  I've been thinking about trying Pangea's as well.

You know you have an audiophile system when you have done one of the followings to achieve it:

  • took out a second mortgage
  • maxed out your credit card limit
  • dipped into your retirement savings

All jokes aside, I admire all those who truely enjoy their systems without thinking about what’s the next upgrade. Until then, many of us will be on an endless journey in search of audio nirvana.

It’s all good. What a great hobby 😄

OP, To me it’s when the tone and body of the instruments and voices sound lifelike. I attend live music events regularly so I have some basis for comparison. Good topic by the way