You know you're an audiophile if--

You just got a pair of speakers you can barely move yourself (inverse proportionality with age probably too)

The first house you bought cost less than your current stereo investment (ditto)

You have boxes of cables with which you don't know what to do
You're looking at homes with a Realtor. Not only do you envision the placement of your audio gear in every home you visit, but you walk around what would be the listening area of each home clapping your hands to test the acoustics.
...and when you look for apartment, all you care about is placing your audio. everything else is optional including bedroom.
You become a dealer of high end audio so that you can have half a million in equipment in the living room, thereby making your wife clueless about upgrades you "have" to try. Life was good. My wife would ask how much I'd sold that month, then how much did you clear out of that, then how much can I have for the joint account, at which time I'd say however much you have to have, the rest needs to go into inventory.

My wife would come up to the house for lunch (she had her veterinary clinic on the property) and tell me it really pissed her off to come up to the house and find me kicking back listening to music. I told her to block off two hours as soon as she could and she could see what I was doing.

Doing A/B comparisons I showed her how to make the changes I was looking for, and when she was having a hard time hearing differences I showed her how to focus on the instrument or sound stage that was being affected. She started getting it, but at an hour she said she hadn't realized how tedious what I was doing was, she asked if that was what I did for most of the day and I told her that is exactly what I was doing when I wasn't on the phone or doing a demo. Taking it that seriously day in and day out is harder than it would seem.
...who claims to be clueless about what your obsession with separation and sound stage and stuff that means nothing to her has picked up enough from you that she doesn't even realize she has become a critic of other people's systems. At friend's houses she would whisper to me about haw crappy their stereo system sounds, and add the little bit about how the highs were hard on her ears.
...actually I AM in the process of looking at a new domicile and I AM actually considering each home based upon where I'm going to put my audio gear. Why don't they make barns anymore???