You know you're an audiophile if--

You just got a pair of speakers you can barely move yourself (inverse proportionality with age probably too)

The first house you bought cost less than your current stereo investment (ditto)

You have boxes of cables with which you don't know what to do
i am in deep denial. no amount of negative consequences throw up yellow much less red lights. family interventions don,t work as i have my lawyer on speed dial to speed up my release from detox facilities. since there are no hifi stores within a 2 hour drive i am going to walmart right now just to look at the hdmi cables that i don,t even need. this post is a cry for help. how pathetic ha
Hotmailjbc-This Post isn't a cry for help. It is supposed
to be a humorous view of self reflection of the Audiophile
Hobby. These Statements are supposed to be over the top as
excessive exaggerations, no relation to reality-pathetic
or not! My Reference to Audiophilia as an obsession, like
smoking or alchoholism, is an exaggeration. Point wasn't
to insult those with serious smoking/alcohol problems, but to exaggerate the obsessiveness of Audiophilia by comparison. Pathetic is ruining a simple Joke, by having to explain it. There is nothing else pathetic here, because
none of it is real. It is all an exaggeration. You are
aware that this is simply an exercise-Right? Say, "Now
you do"!
dear peety officer... here we go again,,,,,,you think your exaggeration is ok but mine is not? don,t even start with me.