You own a store, you sell 2 brands, which?

Thought experiment:

You run a store which sells used and new gear from any point in history.  The catch is you can have exactly 2 brands.  One of electronics one of speakers. 

Defunct brands are OK as are those current with long histories. 

What brands are they? 
Mcintosh and VMPS. I just can't help myself..

Plus Mac has a line of speakers TOO. There are a few of their speakers I would love to try..

VMPS closed down in 2012, that might be a problem.. Sure have a cult following. I loved them.. Still do..

That guy would send out a person or show up himself and set the speakers up including the passive radiator (Mortite putty pinching to the size of a thumb nail) for the guys room and amp.

It was and is an Impressive way to tune a system.. and WAS Impressive customer service. The price was just really reasonable too. Still are..

What’s the point of the question ,  most money $$  
or personal favorite ?
Vandersteen and Quicksilver ;

Well, the Vandersteen amps are among my favorites in the category of no such thing as too expensive.
You have no business opening a store with only two brands… new twist on the desert island question.

The real point of this thread is to find out who would be interesting to hang out with for no reason at all and who is going to rain on all the interesting discussions. :-)