You own a store, you sell 2 brands, which?

Thought experiment:

You run a store which sells used and new gear from any point in history.  The catch is you can have exactly 2 brands.  One of electronics one of speakers. 

Defunct brands are OK as are those current with long histories. 

What brands are they? 
I guess we're just listing the brands we like. I'll have a go but put it across different subcategories:

NA brands: Snell, Simaudio
UK brands: ATC, Epos (just for the ES14 -- one of the best speakers ever made)
Europe: Diapason, Unison Research
trick question, there is no combination of two brands that cover all bases for amp, pre-amp, turntable, speakers, etc. 
I could start with Cambridge Audio but for speakers, no brand would satisfy more than 30% of audiophiles. Our ears are different.
For me, it would be Rega and Macintosh.  Rega offers affordable to very good quality.  Also, they have a complete offering.  For the high-end, Macintosh is a complete line as well, maybe minus speakers.  The only thing missing is a very speaker line...