You’re An Independent Dealer, Which Companies And What Products Would You Represent?

Hey All!
 I live in an average sized city where there are two brick and mortar audio stores. One is modest in both budget and square footage but has great customer service, offers quality products from entry level to high end and works with customers on price. The other one is a mega store with a huge inventory from entry level to very high end, has great customer service but won’t budge on price and wants to be the biggest store on the east coast. Personally, I like rooting for the underdog. So today, I stopped in and chatted with the salesperson at the small store, who I’ve come to know over these many years. He was telling me that the bigger store was carrying the same brands and products that they’ve been carrying but that they were buying inventory in mass quantity. And, that the only way for the small store to separate themselves from the mega store would be to represent companies and products that the mega store can’t or won’t showcase. However, which companies and which products, this is the question. The first thing of course that popped into my mind was to regurgitate everything favorable that I had read about on these forums and from the reviews on 6 Moons, What HiFi, Stereophile, etc….But I stopped myself and I’m glad I did and I said, ‘well there’s certainly a lot to choose from.’ And this is where you come in. So, if you were the owner of a smaller (think size of an average three bedroom house), independent brick a mortar audio store, what companies and products would you ideally choose to feature in your showroom? As I mentioned previously, anything (pragmatic) from entry level to high end. Let’s say for clarification that the $50,000.00 McIntosh subwoofer would be thought of as too extravagant. Eventually, my hope is to direct my dealer friend to this post as a means of inspiration.




McIntosh, VAC, Accuphase, B&W, Martin Logan, Sonus Faber. Goofyfoot is right about the McIntosh turntable... it's ugly. In General who wouldn't like those blue Vu meters on their amps.

Do you really think it is that simple??? 
I’ll give some vendors credit and say when they tell me “too saturated in your area” that is legit but quite honestly there is a monopoly going on in every city when it comes to high end brands! Some dealer reps are just rude and ignore you, some are scared to upset the 800lb Gorilla that just happens to be ordering tens of thousands from them in your backyard. Overall it comes down to volume. If you can’t place a $50K order then don’t even bother with the elite brands! While I appreciate you giving me the ability to vent I cannot imagine you really think a dealer can just carry whatever they would like… not that simple! 

I'd recommend offering some tube amps and tube preamps and setting up an excellent listening room to compare them with solid state and Class D. That would be a rare gift of audio learning, hopefully appreciated enough to generate sales, and something the big box stores won't do. And then sell upgrade tubes. Also, join with the most popular quality wine retailer in your city to host wine-tasting and listening/audio club parties.

"The Times ,they are a changin"....Rosso Fiorentino, Audio Hungary,  Buchardt, Aavik, Borresen, Mo Fi, Hegel, Audio Note, Clearaudio, Hana, Musical Fidelity, Audio GD, and of cource....McIntosh and Luxman.