You're selling that? But you just got it

This post is for all you guys that have a SO or wife that sometimes gives you a hard time about the audio addiction. Wives rarely understand this hobby and often object to the expense. It doesn't help that for some reason woman are generally less into music and almost never excited by shiny electronics. So I thought I'd share what worked for me.

My wife was on board with the initial equipment I purchased several years ago when I first got back into hifi after a long break, but she definately was perplexed by any box switching after that and objected to the money spent.

At one point I had a little talk with her and her objections were permanently silenced. The problem was, she just did not understand the hobby. She was under the impression that the hobby was entirely about listening to music. Once you purchased a nice system, you just bought music and enjoyed. While buying and listening to music is also a hobby and also one I enjoy very much, the pursuit of hifi is a different hobby. That's what she did not understand. Once I explained to her that experimenting with different components and various tweaks was all part of the hobby that is the pursuit of hifi perfection, she understood what I was doing. It made sense to her and she stopped objecting. The box swapping IS the hobby. That's what the hobby is! Changing things up in a never ending pursuit to improve the sound quality. The wives and girlfriends just do not understand this unless you explain it to them. It also helps if you explain how you buy and sell used equipment with minimal financial loss. And if you compare the expense (and time spent) to friends that are into golf, lol. You're at home, golfers are never home.

BTW, I'm not talking about crazy box swappers that never even let the dust settle on a piece of equipment. There is no defense for that.
Wife?!?! If it floats, flys, or f*cks, isn't it a life cardinal rule that you should LEASE it? ;-)
I always work under the assumption that it's easier to get forgiveness than permission with the impossible-to-hide stuff; and I try to use "stealth" funds as much as possible to buy tubes, cabling and cartridges, which she never notices.
You're right, I am at home; and we spend quality time together when I'm flipping the album over.
Take her and her favorite CD or LP to a high end store and ask to have it played on a $50,000 system. Once she hears what top tier components can do she will gain respect for your audiophile habits.
My wife has heard the super high end equipment I lust for...Mcintosh, Wilson,Maggies,Revel etc while visiting the inlaws in DE...Overture is just down the street. Her take though is "just buy it, spend it once and youre never have to spend the money again". So its not the initial expense...she too loves the sound. Its the idea of "trading up constantly" that gets her. 20+ Years and i have never been able to get her past the initial buy...the upgrade concept is the hump.