You've run some pretty fancy MC's, but the _______ MM cartridge really impressed me

Fill in the blank above. If you wish, feel free to mention what MC or MC's you have used. 


I’ve been MC since the late ‘80s (Monstercable Alpha 1), but I did run a Dynavector 10x5 for a while when I needed high output temporarily and was very impressed with what it did at it’s price point.  Not MM I know, but a plug and play alternative in most cases.  

@lewm Just another opinion, that does not help with the encouragment of any individuals who may develop a curiosity/interest in this type of Cart'.

My follow up investigations after the demo' of the Ceramic Cart' introduced me to others who have adopted these Cart's over other readily available options and I also learnt that some have even gone to the extent of producing a modified Phonostage to suit the Cart' in use.

My experience has been to date, I was demo'd a Ceramic Cart' that had a Paratrace Styli as a exchange part. I liked what I was being presented and over the course of a day had a few revisits to the Demo' room and had some of my Albums Tracks played.

The Cart' used in the demo' system replayed my Blues Tracks just as I wanted to hear them, and was not too off putting on other genre of music, the Roger Waters Q Sound recording Bass Line, was delivering the usual system destroying presentation as recollected from any other demonstration it has been used in. 

For the experience of this Cart' to be maintained in my own system has not incurred to much outlay, and the Modified Armature and Styli has only added a small cost, as it is being carried out at the time and in conjunction with another Cart's rebuild.

I am happy to fulfill this experience yet to be created in my own system, as well as make it known it is my intention to do so, what ever the response is to such.  

London Decca, though you need the right arm to tame it, or a damping trough. A Naim Aro was only any good with original mono cuts, an 18g eff mass Schröder Reference makes it behave itself but could be considered overkill. I’m waiting to see what the new owner will come up with, I’d love to replace the maroon with a Reference. I’ll have to try it with my Korf when it arrives but it won’t be the first, I have a Transfiguration Proteus and an SPU Royal N to get through first while the Decca stays on my Schröder.

Clearaudio  Artist V-2 Ebony @ $750 is a beauty and a great value for the $$.

The only mass spec on the 250 I could find was the ST (straight) version, but the S (S shaped) may have a similar mass. Apparently 18 grams total mass with the head shell itself being 15 grams alone. So there's future flexibility with changing headshells to ad or (perhaps) subtract mass to suit a particular cartridge. Another interesting surprise was my Naim XS3 phono does fine with the EMT TSD 75 at a mere 1.0 MV. Not ideal, but it works. So my guess is I'm fine with any cartridge that is equal to or greater than 2.0MV. I figured Nagaoka would see some light in this thread. The Nags have certainly been popular amongst the MM/MI/HO fans.