You've run some pretty fancy MC's, but the _______ MM cartridge really impressed me

Fill in the blank above. If you wish, feel free to mention what MC or MC's you have used. 


Thanks, Atma, but I did mention somewhere that RIAA has that shelf between 500 and 2KHz. Which would not be properly compensated by an unadulterated ceramic. Seems some of them had compensating networks built in, or not.

- Grace F9 (Soundsmith makes replacement styli)

- Technics EPC-205C* (the EPC-100C has already been mentioned; JICO makes replacement styli for the 205)

- JVC/Victor X-1 (JICO makes replacement styli)

- Audio Technica 150* (really any of the AT 150 models; AT150 MLX/Sa, ATML 150)

- Fidelity Research FR-6SE


* Best with TOTAL capacitance (including cables) <200pF

Hmm. I have not owned a MM since a Shure V15, 1970’s?

So all the cartridges I have used have bee MC and sounded much better.