Youngsters these days.

My 24 year old grandson finished his tour in the service recently and has been staying with us for the past several months. He got himself a good job, to help out and take care of himself, while deciding what to do in the future - back to school, etc.
After he got a few good pay checks, I joking suggested he buy his Pa a new CD player. If looks could kill. "Why would you want a new CD player?" He asked. I told him "just to upgrade the one I have". "No one buys CD players anymore" he exclaimed. "Then what's your Idea of fine Audio, a WalkMan?" I asked. "WOW! There's not even any such thing as a WalkMan any more" he said. To which I replied, "Ya there is, we have a guy on our forum who swears by em". He just rolled his eyes and said "No - Streaming! Using an iPhone or iPad you can get a streaming package and get all the music you want". "Why would I want to do That?" I asked "I have hundreds of great LPs and CDs, that I'm perfectly happy with." To that he replied "OK Boomer".  I guess that meant he knew I was right.
Why is it that youngsters just don't understand the love that some of us old folks have for our old LPs and CDs and we  have no interest in paying for another monthly service, to listen to all the music we already have?
  • "I'm 73 years old. Streaming is what I do first thing in the morning. If I'm lucky."

Boy, can I ever relate to that.   
“Nobody sits and listens to streaming. It plays in the background like glorified elevator Muzak“.

@millercarbon, give it a rest please! You started to sound like a broken record.
I am 59. I delayed going to CDs in the '80s as a LP purist. Then kicked myself ever since because LPs and CDs were a huge PIA. How many hours of my life were lost just cleaning LPs, how many hisses and pops did I hear even with upgrading TTs, cartridges, and cleaning products fairly often? Then I loved CDs and delayed switching to streaming - when I upgraded my system I ever bought SACDs and remastered and gold CDs of my favorite music. But steaming tempted me as there was always a list of CDs to purchase and replace and it was a PIA to get them out to play and put back in their often broken case and organize them. So I boughglt an entry level streamer. I had dozens of CDs now sitting open, in piles, gathering dust because I can't be arsed into putting them away. Streaming is Nirvana. As least as good sounding as CDs with virtually no hassle. Though,to be honest, I still have that big to buy an "album" now and again. 

What amazes me is why anyone would EVER play a LP again, baffling they've made a comeback. It's like wanting to have no A/C in your house or driving a horse and buggy. 
I’m not wedded to any particular media. I love streaming to absolute distraction but I also love a heck of a lot of my vinyl and a heck of a lot of my CDs and SACDs. I have neither the reason nor energy to want to transfer any piece of music to any other type of media.

Of course, because streaming is so easy and the quality can be so high, it’s fun to stream music I already have on vinyl, CD and SACD just to see what’s up. It’s totally great when the streamed version out performs my other versions. I do it in the same spirit as the more rabid among us who buy every edition or pressing of something in a quest to get hold of the one with the highest fi. The thing is, I just don’t have the energy or inclination to seek out every last Holy Grail of audio software. I’d rather just groove on the tunes.

Bottom line, let the various generations choose their poisons. Finally, oh yeah, it’s a good thing I now live a good three thousand miles from the nearest high end musical instrument store. Talk about a category of merchandise that can give me the shakes...