Your audiophile chair

I am searching a quality lounge chair to listen to music.

I like a lot VIPP brand, the 488 Model.

Any suggestion?

Surfing the web on european websites, I found a funny seat....
Felice Rossi - RAM lounge chair. Design: No Picnic | J. Bergfeldt.

May be this chair is some solution to some reverb sound from the room. The structure in enameled steel tube, seat and back in polyurethane foam are covered in leather V 118.

Felice Rossi's seat audiophile
Felice Rossi's lounge chair


Thank you.


The Felice Rossi looks like it would work well with open baffle speakers.

The back of the chair CANNOT be higher than your shoulders.......A comfortable swivel Barrel Chair is the best for optimal, unobstructed sound.

Ekornes Stressless

They are available in about 20 different sizes and configurations and 60 or so leathers. (Fabric too)

Full disclosure, I sell Ekrones chairs.

I don't have a pic of mine, but for 25 years just for headphones see below. It is too tall for speakers, but crank it back and I can be out in 10 minutes, so it stays upright for listening!!!!

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