Your audiophile chair

I am searching a quality lounge chair to listen to music.

I like a lot VIPP brand, the 488 Model.

Any suggestion?

Surfing the web on european websites, I found a funny seat....
Felice Rossi - RAM lounge chair. Design: No Picnic | J. Bergfeldt.

May be this chair is some solution to some reverb sound from the room. The structure in enameled steel tube, seat and back in polyurethane foam are covered in leather V 118.

Felice Rossi's seat audiophile
Felice Rossi's lounge chair


Thank you.


@roxy54 it is indeed, height adjustable, (my speakers are fairly tall), reclines, has a small headrest and a foot rest. Quite comfy. 

I use BACCH4MAC 3D ( software and when Edgar was doing remote training sessions going over software setup and how to use the various modules he kept mentioning that my home-theater styled powered recliner wasn’t ideal due to the fact that the big bulky headrest reflects unwanted sound to the pinnae of the ear. I was concerned with getting a chair without neck and head support that would leave my fatigued after long listening sessions. I also wanted it to swivel so I can adjust my position where needed when doing custom 3D XTC ear based filters based on measurements which includes off axis head-tracking related measurements by swiveling to the far left or right easily. I settled on the Lucy Swivel Chair and I absolutely love this chair. It’s a very well made and comfortable chair. It’s available in burnt orange or black genuine top grain Italian leather. I paid $1200 it lists for $1599 😉




Hi roxy54 - the chairs you reference were intentionally chosen to help the sound. I designed the room 30 years ago to be hard and bright, with dimensions to sharply limit standing waves. I then softened the room of any hardness or slap echoes using ACS tube trap products, carpet, a high vaulted ceiling and furniture. The table is always covered with stuff, so nothing reflects off the glass; it's legs are thin and way below the direct sound line-source ribbons deliver. When using room correction by Trinnov Amethyst preamp and mike it measured incredibly flat 20-20k Hz aside from <2 dB bumps at 20 and 50 Hz. The only thing about a glider rocker is you can move in and out of the sweetspot a little, so you may notice minimal doppler effect only when looking for it. For serious listen I sit quite still and comfortable! Everything about the soundstage, timber, dynamics and focus are very natural and precise. There is method to my audio madness! For example, orchestras, Jennifer Warnes, Roger Water's opening Bill Hubbard track from Amused to Death are precise and span 180° arc of image. Classical, jazz, folk and techno are my preferences - all great recordings sound...GREAT! The listening chair does not interfere with the music at all, and is very comfortable!

Your beautiful chair looks delicious and I would think a great listening chair and conversation piece!