Your Best Hobbies (other than Audio)

It would be interesting to know what other things interest the audiophiles who are obviously so passionate about hi fi and Audiogon. I am similarly obsessively interested in cars and motorcycles. What are your interests?
Corvettes. My second car is a 1987 Corvette Coupe that I've
put in decent enough condition to win a few trophies and
places at local and regional car shows. But it's not just
for show - I drive this car at least 6-8,000 miles each
year and I'm considering entering the car in some SCCA
autocross meets this summer.
I'm also considering moving up to a mid 90s Corvette -
as they have another 50 ponies under the hood!
In no particular order:
Fly fishing
Wine collecting
any and all sports
recently we've started an Art collection
Raising my two sons
Furniture making for the past 25 years. Aside from being able to make one of a kind pieces for myself and relatives; I was able to do barter with several audio designers in New Jersey when I lived there. I built thier prototype speakers cabinets in return for gear...worked out well as I was able to trade my labor for gear I would not have been able to aford.
Also, beer to have something to drink while your listening to your favorite tunes...Begian Ale for classical; German Wheat Beer for Pop; German Lager (well hopped) for Rock.
For the past few months, I do nothing but study Audio stuff online. Before this nutty endeavor, I was an aspiring wannabe writer, philosophyer, roadbiker, and avid reader.