Your Best Vinyl Memory

I am getting a bit nostalgic by looking over the recent threads on songs or bands from the great 80's. So I thought I would start a new one.

My greatest memory involving vinyl was when I was in High School with my first true love. My best friend and I were dating girls that were also best friends. Our first date ended with some romantic moments to the Peter Cetera Album. I have never been able to listen to Cetera again without thinking back at those moments.

How else has music made an impact on your life??????
My first non 45 purchase; an actual full length lp, was the Beatles "Hey Jude", which I bought with my own money. I was about 10 or 11, paid near 4 bucks and my mom blew her top. A pinacle of pride, had I.

"Jesus Christ Superstar"...listened over and over and over on my portable folding hi-fi. Could not get enough of it...but never shared it with family or friends.
Watching as a friend, that recently had made some good natured, but unbelieving comments about my vinyl rig, listed to The Beach Boys "Pet Sounds". Once he regained his composure he said that although he had heard the CD many times and that it was one of his favorites, "he had never heard THAT before."

Late 70's college listening to a fresh import vinyl recording of Yes' Close to the Edge while sharing 6 foot bong with fellow yesophiles. One of us (not me) had managed to earn enough summer money to purchase a 100+ wpc Pioneer receiver and we all thought it was the cat's whiskers. I think the speakers were Advents or Altecs, very popular back then. The deal back then was to place the speakers in opposite corners of the room firing toward the center for "surround." True audiophilic blasphemy but what the heck did we know back then?
In early 70's going to my brothers boarding school in NH and getting toasted for the first time, listening to Led Zeppelin, John Mayall etc. It was a all nighter. Thats about all I remember of that visit. To bad the Boarding School I went to was run by cristian brothers, no parties there.