Your experience in "in their day" brands/components that you remember foundly?

I love music and have enjoyed "high-end" audio for several decades.


With this being said, I am interested in hearing what may be your 

"golden oldies" that you have owned?  For me there are many that 

were part of my beginnig.  The original large Advents and a Yamaha 

CA-1000 started my "better gear" travels...that lead to Dahlquists, Magnepans, 

and seperated from Audio Research, Conrad Johnson, early Classe and 

many others.  What were your "roots" that helped your journey?



I'm still gladly using Tannoy Dual-Concentric loudspeakers,  since the rest of the system is at its best, the speakers are, too.



Loved my Teac reel to reel (X7-R).  If it would’ve been a car, it would’ve had 500,000 miles on the odometer before it gave up the ghost.  Loved everything about having a reel to reel during the ‘80s, …going thru the motions of threading a reel up, making recordings, playback at altered speed with the X7-R’s pitch control, etc, etc, etc..  To steal a line from “Lebowski”, it really fit right there in it’s time and place.  Would I give up digital streaming to go back to that?  Naaah.  Probably not.


Dan, couldn’t agree with you anymore. I feel the same way about my decision to purchase Tannoy Canterbury GR’s and pairing them with Accuphase E-650, the synergy between them is off the charts!


I hear you on R2R. I missed out on the opportunity to own R2R back in the days. I truly applaud Chad Kassem (Analog Productions) for his efforts to revive the R2R era. As of today, there are 40 titles available (doubled from last year).


i remember the audio alchemy stuff in its day, peter madnick’s brainchild

dti jitter reducer, powered digital cables, outboard linear power supplies, remote control linestages with microprocessor memory, nice budget dacs - very cool stuff, ahead of its time in many ways, good performance on a budget, precursors to much of what we have today, still dealing with the same issues