Your experience in "in their day" brands/components that you remember foundly?

I love music and have enjoyed "high-end" audio for several decades.


With this being said, I am interested in hearing what may be your 

"golden oldies" that you have owned?  For me there are many that 

were part of my beginnig.  The original large Advents and a Yamaha 

CA-1000 started my "better gear" travels...that lead to Dahlquists, Magnepans, 

and seperated from Audio Research, Conrad Johnson, early Classe and 

many others.  What were your "roots" that helped your journey?



Double Large Advents, KLH 5s, ESS AMT1s, Dahlquist DQ-10s, Ampzilla, Fulton Js, Apogee Full range, KSA 50, c-j, Versa Dynamics TT, IRS Vs, RS1s, CLS, Spica SC50s, Dayton-Wright stats driven by Futterman H3aa monos, Alsyvox, Acora, Von Schweikert, GTAW, McGary, SoundLab, Lampizator.

Phillips 212 turntable with Shure cartridge, I was in Junior high school that thing was like from another Galaxy to me. $60.00 at Fedco, they also sold Soundscraftsman there.

I love to look at, handle, and listen to a fully recapped/restored Marantz 2285b (with mint condition walnut case) when I listen to music.  Playing great OG vinyl pressings with fancy-shmancy front end gear is simply wonderful.