Your experience in "in their day" brands/components that you remember foundly?

I love music and have enjoyed "high-end" audio for several decades.


With this being said, I am interested in hearing what may be your 

"golden oldies" that you have owned?  For me there are many that 

were part of my beginnig.  The original large Advents and a Yamaha 

CA-1000 started my "better gear" travels...that lead to Dahlquists, Magnepans, 

and seperated from Audio Research, Conrad Johnson, early Classe and 

many others.  What were your "roots" that helped your journey?




Whose 1st system is Tannoys? 

Back in 1972 I bought a Marantz 33 Preamp, Model 120 Tuner, Phase Linear 400 Amp, ARXA Table, and- drum roll- Bose 901s. 3 months later I unloaded the 901s

And bought a kit from SpeakerLab- Cornerhorn knockoffs. 

I was all in for about $2,000.

My hourly wage was about $2.50

Two days ago I thought- "How much is 1972 $2,000 worth in 2022 dollars"? $13,567. Funny but I think that is about what I have into my system today.

Only the sound is better!

Is this progress?

Thanks for the memories!



Marantz 2225 receiver, Dual 1225 TT with Shure M95ED cartridge and JBL L-110 speakers....

Krell Krell

I don't fondly remember, I stiil use.

Pure Class A (class A all the way up to full power) is a thing of the past, even at Krell.  But truth is you just can't match the sound if you're prepared to buy the watts at today's prices.

I am.  KMA200 References, upgraded for Krell dealer to 400w.  After 35 years still the best amps ever.

And KSA50.  Krell's first product from the early 80s.

@klh007   I note you like the KSA50s too.  Did you ever hear the KMA200s?