Your experience with Thiel 3.6

Any oppinions(experience)on this speaker?

Looks great but I seem to hear mixed reviews from users, however reputable mags seem to love it (pretty old reviews though)? I'm currently auditioning the new Martin Logan Aeon speakers (nice but kind of bright), do you feel that moving to the Thiels is a move up? I'm looking for some clear mids and highs as well as some bass punch.

I have good source componets, and I listen to all sorts of music, from jazz to rock to r&b to techno.

Current 3.6 and 1.5 owner and former 2 2 owner. My 3.6s are my main speakers for critical listening. Bought them new in about 1995. Moved them 5 times. Will never give them up. Listen primarily to jazz and classical. 8’ apart, 9 feet from my old ears with barely any toe in. Source is digital via Roon Nucleus to Cocktail Audio streamer to Gustard R2R DAC to Rogue Audio RP9 preamp (tube magic) to Benchmark AHB2 Amp via Audioquest Mackenzie weave and CV8 speaker cables. Oh and for the sub 27hz sound - B&W DB4S subs x 2. Listening room is about 15 x 25 x 8. Room treatments include corner base traps and front wall acoustic panels. Power treatment with Furman Elite. I will die a happy man with this system. Sadly, no family member to pass it on to that would appreciate it. 

Oh, and positioned 3’ from back wall and 3’ from side wall. Imaging is wide and deep. 

Do you guys think a 12x19x7 room will be too small for the 3.6? The room is in the basement so it is enclosed and only for music. It has a small window in one of the short wall; however, low 7' drop-down ceiling . The speakers will be facing down the long wall, so they will only be like 2.5' from side walls and 7' between them center to center.


If you meant put the speakers on the 19' wall. I could, but if I pull them out 3' from the back wall, the speakers will be only 9' away from the opposite wall (the room is only 12' wide). As I understand, for the 3.6, the sweet spot needs to be about 10' away from the speakers so I will be sitting against the wall and I don't think that will be ideal. I will get the wall reflection right at my ear.

@hifi28 , Ideally the listening position would indeed be 3 meters / 10’, but 8-12 ‘ will work just fine. The set up would ideally be roughly an equilateral triangle between listeners and each speaker.

 Your concerns regarding wall reflections directly behind your ears is well taken. However, if possible, the John Dunlavy approach to room treatment consisting of thick foam approximately 2” thick and covered in natural wool and placed directly on the wall behind the listening position can tame those reflections. 
 There are numerous advantages for such placement. If at all possible, it might be worth a try.