Your experience with Thiel 3.6

Any oppinions(experience)on this speaker?

Looks great but I seem to hear mixed reviews from users, however reputable mags seem to love it (pretty old reviews though)? I'm currently auditioning the new Martin Logan Aeon speakers (nice but kind of bright), do you feel that moving to the Thiels is a move up? I'm looking for some clear mids and highs as well as some bass punch.

I have good source componets, and I listen to all sorts of music, from jazz to rock to r&b to techno.


If you meant put the speakers on the 19' wall. I could, but if I pull them out 3' from the back wall, the speakers will be only 9' away from the opposite wall (the room is only 12' wide). As I understand, for the 3.6, the sweet spot needs to be about 10' away from the speakers so I will be sitting against the wall and I don't think that will be ideal. I will get the wall reflection right at my ear.

@hifi28 , Ideally the listening position would indeed be 3 meters / 10’, but 8-12 ‘ will work just fine. The set up would ideally be roughly an equilateral triangle between listeners and each speaker.

 Your concerns regarding wall reflections directly behind your ears is well taken. However, if possible, the John Dunlavy approach to room treatment consisting of thick foam approximately 2” thick and covered in natural wool and placed directly on the wall behind the listening position can tame those reflections. 
 There are numerous advantages for such placement. If at all possible, it might be worth a try.

@unsound , Thanks for the responds. I haven't get the 3.6 just yet. There is one available not too far from me but I would not be able to demo it in my room. Also, I will have to get a new amp to drive them too. So that's why I ask the question here before getting in too deep. As much I remember how well they sound when I heard them way back in the 90', it may be a bit challenging to dial they in my room.