Your favorite 3 rooms at RMAF

I am sure by now you have had time to digest your findings at the show. What were your favorite rooms.
Mine are as follows: The Audio Research/Vandersteen room was set up extremely well and hearing the 7's again along with the ARC anniversary Edition was a great combo. Second would be the Magico Speakers, what an awesome speaker and seeing the exposed cabinet construction was bonus, and Third I have to say that I was extremely impressed with the Thor Audio room with the Duevel Speakers. Not only beautiful to look at but may be a perfect speaker for problem room.
And of course many more come to mind but these are my fav's.
1) audio note
2) Highwater sound.....tron,hornig......aspra, thoress(actually this might have been #1)...after jeff finally changed cables.
3)several kinda came in here....Harbeth....Doshi/Wilson...

The single best track I heard was in the room with allnic, MBL, and some super TT...I forget the name. A guy had a 45 lp of elvis singing "Fever" with just a bass player and a piano player. It was really freaky.
The room with the MBLs/Allnic/Onda cables was Xactaudio. There was another record he played called "The A Train" and one album "Belfonta Sings the Blues", which were trippy...

I thought the Audio Note room and the Von Sch... rooms were best for digital, the Vandersteen speakers were nice to, overall I thought digital came in second.

The Xactaudio room was up there in the top 5 and was always full.

Alot of rooms didn't sound very good but had some really great gear. Some rooms had synergy throughout and others just didn't get it or didn't care.
For me it was:

1 - Xact Audio (Steve Dobbins) - Allnic Pre-Amp/Phono, AMP, and Beat Turntable (beautiful to see and hear - maybe best TT I have heard).

2 - Wilson / VTL - I was really quite surprised by how good the Wilson Sasha's sounded.

3 - Doshi Audio - Nick Doshi's AMP and Pre-Amp are really special.

There were several good rooms this year, but these are my top 3.

Best Regards,