Your favorite audio cartoons

I know we can't post images here, but I'm curious as to what your favorite audiophile or audio-related cartoons are.

If you can post a link, that'd be great.

Found some good ones, here, but I'm interested in what your favorites are.

Thank you.
The Rodriguez one where the audiophile is listening to a "boom, boom, boom" upstairs on his stereo and his wife is downstairs, boom, boom, booming a broom onto the ceiling.
This makes smile, and feel sad at the same time.  I loved the Charles Rodrigues cartoons in Stereo Review.  It was one of the things that kept me a subscriber (along with the record reviews).  I miss both.
I cannot locate the pic using Google, but does anyone remember the His/Hers preamp of amplifier pic with one of them having gobs and gobs and gobs of knobs and the other one having just a few (knobs)?

Forget which one was the His and which one was the Hers, but would love to see/save it again.

We lost all of our favorites the last time we replaced our iMac (some genious @  the Apple store attempting to make it "the same", though he said had never heard of AOL which should have raised concerns considering that this was only 4-5 years ago).