Your favorite blues album?

I would like to know what you think to be your favorite blues album. I have several compilations, some Big Joe Turner, and several Chicago local blues artists, but am looking for more. Please include why you like the album. I'm trying to expand my "Blues" horizons, and I know I have come to the right place. I look forward to your comments.

Anyone have a COME TO FIND on AUDIOQUEST vinyl to trade or sell? Can't find anywhere. Limabean,if you like Joe turner you will love a Mercury CD called the R&B years, It's a 2cd set,1st disc: Eddie Vinson, Dinah Washington others. 2nd disc: Louis Jordon, Buddy & Ella Johnson who are fantastic.Their only album on Mercury (Stage Show) goes for a tidy sum and for good reason. And the Louis Jordon tunes are some of his very best. Both artist will remind yu of the very best Joe Turner years.
Came across an interesting CD last week. "Booty and the Beast" by Popa Chubby. The songs are for the most part original, the recording quality is not too bad for a small label, and the serious, serious "Boooogey Woooogey" sound keeps my feet taping. I don't know if I would label it my favorite, but I think it deserves a listen.
I re-post, only to ensure that my word is heard (if only some pols could do the same). Read the previous (actually, it's two up) post and then seek out and find the Fat Man (Leslie West, you gotta lose some weight anyway). And then, well, just enjoy.