Your favorite Electrostatic, Panel spkr

 I’m putting together an analog system. First on the list was a turntable, I’ve settled on the Denon DP 59L. 
  Now let’s hear from the owners of some panel electrostatic type speakers, not ones you dreamed of owning, ones that you’ve owned and the reason why they were your favorite. 
The Mark Levinson HQD system is very impressive, but most defiantly not suited for OPs room ;-)

Electrostatics have numerous issues...power handling and shrillness on some recordings. They are good, but tend to be very tiring to listen to over time and at volume.
This depends, like so many things, on execution. Sound Labs have no problem handling power and don't get shrill. You can play them all day no worries. But I do know what you're talking about- I've also heard ESLs that seemed to me to be a bit bright.

Another fan of the Sanders 10e. Made a point to hear them at Axpona this year and they were very impressive. On another level I heard the Maggie 30.7’s this past week and they are amazing but not so practical. 
As always, no mention of the Eminent Technology LFT-8b. Like Maggies, a magnetic-planar from 180Hz to 10kHz (push-pull drivers, unlike the single-ended in the cheaper Maggies), an 8" dynamic woofer for 180Hz down, and a ribbon tweeter for 10kHz up. In the 180Hz-10kHz operating range of the dual m-p drivers, there is no crossover/high-low pass filtering! $2499/pr. Reviews in TAS and a couple of the UK mags. As a bonus, it presents an 8 ohm (almost purely) resistive load to the power amp (if bi-amping, the m-p/ribbon drivers are an 11 ohm load), so unlike Maggies can be driven by a modest tube amp, including the Atma-Sphere M60 and Music Reference RM-200.
They have to do all kinds of music, at least up to 80db, with a closer LP that should be no problem......

i think with the size of the room, the
QUAD ESL-57’s sound sound about right, i gotta search out members who would be  willing to let me do a live audition. When I was looking for a projector I found a local guy who had one that I was able to check out first hand, hopefully I can find a member in this form or another will be willing to do a live demo 

Rochester Ny area