Your Favorite Holiday Album

Figured it’s time to start this thread for this time of year ... so what album gets you into the holiday mood? Outside of the obvious (Guaraldi), one of my go-to faves is the original Argo pressings of the Ramsey Lewis Trio Sound of Christmas... both the mono and stereo mixes are great!
Ok, so don’t shoot me, but I grew up in a household with lots of Muzak-y stuff, and a Christmas perennial was “Christmas with the Three Suns” ... several different RCA pressings over the years (all mono), and I have multiple copies. The bells and chimes shimmer if your cartridge can track it, and that accordion... oh boy!
OK, here's something a little different from the previous posters:  On Yoolis Night by the Anonymous 4.  For those of you who don't know the Anonymous 4, they are a four-woman acapella group focusing on medieval music.  This is an excellent recording by Harmonia Mundi.  The harmonies seem to float in the air, perfectly depicting for me the spirit of the season.
I have the On Yoolis Night, Jim, but haven't yet played it. I've never heard a bad, or even mediocre, Harmonia Mundi album. My favorite Classical label.