Your favorite musical non fatiguing speakers?

I've been auditioning speakers in the $5k to $8k range. I liked some of the Dynaudio, Sonus Faber, and even B&Ws in that range. Maybe it was the setup but in the back of my mind thought all of these could sound exciting but also fatiguing long term. And I'd hate to spend that kind of doe with that being the case.

I'm looking to use a solid state Cary amp and the tubed Cary SLP 05 pre for electronics FWIW.

From other threads I'm hearing Proacs Joseph Audio Aerials Harbeth and others may fit the bill. What are your favorite speakers for musicality and lack of listening fatigue? I'll be traveling to the next state to audition more next week.
MAGICO Q3 with Thoress tube preamp, Rowland 8T amp and Stealth V10 speaker wire.
I love Verity. I've cycled through many of the above and they sound the best to me. Even up against the marketing machine companies like Wilson or Magico I think Verity shines. If I had real money I would probably own Rockports.

I'm curious to learn about your process and final decision. Please keep posting.
JBL 43XX studio studio monitors should not be fatiguing at all....
What are the folks at Cary listening to?

Unless you're thinking of near field studio monitors musicality in speakers is very subjective and of personal taste. Compatibility with the room may be a deciding factor.

Fatigue generally comes from the ability of the electronics and their interaction with the speakers. Electronics designers usually conceder their gear will mate with most speakers. Knowing what they used to listen to in their design process can be a huge advantage or at least a starting point.
In my personal experience:

1. Quad ESL 57 Listening to a refurbished pair now, and they are the most
non fatiguing I have ever heard.

2. Proac Response 2.5 Very close second. Might be up for sale though!

3. Dynaudio C1 Signature Not quite as non fatiguing as the others, but
delivers incredible dynamics, and soundstage.