Your favorite Small Apartment Speakers

  1. I view this as sort of a companion thread to the “Best Small Speakers At any Price” thread.

Lets hear what you’ve used and loved!

Thanks in advance.
i’d second the Totem Arro suggestion, and even better value for money a pair of Totem Dreamcatcher: incredibly lively, small footprint, bi-wireable, almost as good as KEF LS50 for 1/5 the price
ADS 300s Especially if you add a Sub.
Fabulous Mids and Highs.
Very transparent.
A pristine pair will cost you about 150. tops
Boenicke W5 table or on stands ..need 100 watts to drive them but they deliver ..warm natural voicing ..
have them would not trade them 
also have Metronome 7 ‘s from the late 70,s
i got them for my mom to use in her apt ..just inherited them ..little boxes huge soundstage ..bass shy ..but do well in book cases as long as the baffle can stick out beyond the edge 
I'd consider the Buchardt S400's, as they have very good base for a small speaker, and are designed by former Dynaudio engineer, so sound should be comparable to the Special 40.  About half the price, however, and I've been very happy with them.