Your favorite Summertime Top Down Cruising music?

Ok, summer is here. What are your favorite tunes when cruising on a hot summer day or night with the top down. No rules, list as many as you want. New music, old music, its all good. I will start with my favorite
- War's Greatest Hits (the whole CD!)
This will show my age, my top 3:

LA Woman - The Doors
Gimme Shelter - The Stones
Born To Be Wild - Steppenwolf
the raspberries-fresh or side3......randy newman-touble in and water.......spooky tooth-spooky two......the beach boys-sunflower or holland or 20/20 or wild honey or pretty much anything up through the LA Light Album
CDs - not songs

Cold Blood - Sysiphus
Tower of Power - East Bay Grease
Quicksilver Mesenger Service - Shady Grove
Steely Dan: My Old School, Reelin' in the Years, etc.

(Is there gas in the car?)