Your favorites amplifiers for their visual look ?


Most of us chose an amp for it's musicality.

But if you would chose your amplifiers for it's visual aesthetic, some great looking amplifiers, metal or wood face plate, which ones you would chose ?

Myself I would chose a Pass Lab amp, for a metal face plate. And the Sonus Faber Musica Integrated Amplifier, for a wood face place.




There's nothing like a Jadis JA-500! I also agree with the up poster, gotta love those (first) big Krell fins on the KSA/KMA 80/160 200/400 series.

I have an old Crown Dc300 for my basement rig. The thing just screams bad-ass!
I like the Art Audio Symphony II with the polished stainless steel chassis especially at night.
It has 2 output tubes, 2 rectifiers and 4 small signal tubes all reflecting off the chrome like chassis. Also has two little blue lights (actually crystals) about the size of a pencil eraser that light in a subtle way.

Sounds good also.
Was it Wavelength Audio that made a poweramp that looked like a V-8 engine (maybe it was even called the V-8)?

Off the top of my head, I'd say that Joule, Pathos, Bel Canto, some of the Cary monos, KR, and Mac are all striking looking devices. Each in a different way.