Your First Concert was.....

My first concert was Arlo Guthrie at the Shaffer (sic) Music Festival in Central Park, NYC. It cost 2 bucks and it was for his "Running Down the Road" album.
April Wine, 1976 or 77, Niagara Falls Memorial Arena. The opening act........RUSH! Partway through the tour Rush's current LP 2112 took off and Rush split from the April Wine tour and headlined their own.
KISS in the Summit, Houston, TX. I was in 5th grade. I can't remember the year exactly ( I think '77 or '76) but the opening act was an unknown band- STYX!
Lou Reed in the early 70's. he did a 30 minute version of heroin that blew my mind. think i was only 14 at the time but really into music already. sister and boyfriend took me. it was a small venue/big bar downtown chicago. $10 for a great show/time.