Your First Concert was.....

My first concert was Arlo Guthrie at the Shaffer (sic) Music Festival in Central Park, NYC. It cost 2 bucks and it was for his "Running Down the Road" album.
Lou Reed in the early 70's. he did a 30 minute version of heroin that blew my mind. think i was only 14 at the time but really into music already. sister and boyfriend took me. it was a small venue/big bar downtown chicago. $10 for a great show/time.
Rock; Janice Joplin circa 1967, Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum.

Went with my best friend Maria. Too young to drive, her dad said, now girls, don't smoke any of those "funny" cigarettes.

Ahem...there were a few of those passed around that night. Can't remember who was second on the bill.

Classical: I don't remember my first classical concert, although it was undoubtedly a chamber group of some stripe. I've been to far more of those than anything else in my life. The ISO used to come to our high school for an open rehearsal every year, if that counts. Although I'd heard a live orchestra before playing for the ballet, I remember the sound of the ISO in our auditorium as absolutely thrilling. I'd probably have been around 14. I'd been to ballet performances and chamber concerts before that, and played in recitals/chamber groups many times by then.