Your first system and your journey...

Since we are on a audiophile (or is that audio-pile) site many, if not most, have had some decent systems.  I would enjoy in hearing from all/any about what your first system was made up of.  Mine was a Dynaco, I think something like a 35, tube integrated with some small British two way speakers and a BSR McDonald turntable with something like a 44E Shure cartridge , ...and yes, lamp cord for wires and whatever came on the turntable.  It is almost sad to say I have spent much more on some interconnects than that first system cost. 
noromance -- you still bicycle? Several accidents and old age now limit my bicycling but I'm still as much a bicycle enthusiast as audiophile. Are Colnago and Campy as cool as Koetsu?
Dual 1215 TT with Stanton 681EEE cart;Dynaco 120 power amp & PAT-5 pre (home-built, of course);ADC floor standing speakers
Got me through college with decent sound, but I'd love to compare them to my current setup, and see how much has changed!
Large Advents played through A Marantz integrated amp and a Garrard Zero 100 turntable, which replaced my GE console, and purchased from the original Magnolia Hi Fi in Seattle when it was a small store in the Magnolia district and sold cameras and small appliances.
I also had one of those suitcase stereos by GE. Toke it apart and built a wood console to stuff it all together. Looked good! Than someone brought over the latest Beatles album Sgt Peppers. I thought something was wrong with the unit! Different sounds coming out of different speakers. Lovely sound.  Next day toke it all apart and built new speaker cases and a base for the turntable. Ordered a Heathkit FM only reciever. I haven't stopped messing with my  systems. It's a great hobby. 
My first system back in the 70s I had a Scott Vacuum tube integrated amp
Laffeyette tuner Technics directdrive turntable, Audio technica cartridge,Nachamichi 505 3 head cassette deck, Audioquest cabling, and Raw Klipsch Heresey speakers i hand stained and French waxed, back then 1inch thick  plywood cabinet.It took me months to save for all of these, the turntable I got 1st,the tuner was a birthday gift .great memories,to m6 friends this was high end ,and sounded dam good .
It’s funny thinking back,I have spent more then my house on Audio.