Your First System

This should be good!!! Most of us have been in this expensive hobby for years now and have worked our way up to components we only dreamed of. I want to know what was your first system of separate components going back as far as you can remember. My first consisted of a Pioneer SX-680 receiver, a Technics SLD-1 turntable (I think that's the right model #), a Sharp tapedeck, and KLH floorstanding speakers. I was 16 at the time and thought I was the biggest badass on the block. Now, 20+ years later I have a ML 334, Meridian 507 CD, CJ PV10A, Canton Ergo 900 speakers, and a Transparent Power Isolator 4. I'm in the process of upgrading to a ML 390. It goes without saying the IC's and speaker cables are top notch as well. I know my system is WAAAYYYYY down the foodchain compared to what I've seen here but It would be interesting to see what everyone started out with.
Some kind of boombox, I forget what brand. I then bought a cd player but ran it through my ex-girlfriend's Onkyo reciever so I guess that doesn't really count. I guess that makes my 1st truly real system a Rega Planet, a Bryston B-60, some kind of Definitive Technology floorstanding speakers, all strung together with Vampyire wire. Pretty good for a first try, though I have to give the credit to Tom Unger at Gifted Listener Audio who sold me everything but the speakers.
A Marantz receiver, Acoustic Research speakers, Acoustic Research turntable. I don't remember what it was hooked up with or what phono cartridge I used.
1980 ... I was 15 years old,

Sansui AU-7700 integrated amp and the matching TU-7700 tuner, Bose 901 Series II and some sort of BIC turntable that I had to rebuild in electronics class. I worked washing dishes for an entire summer to pay for it. I bought it from the neighborhood rich-kid, piece by piece as I recall. I received a JVC cassette deck that same year for Christmas and somehow got my hands on a Teac reel to reel.

My first album was The Kinks "Low Budget" ... I was in heaven.

I have spent tens of thousands on hi-fi equipment since then, but I have never made it back to the nirvana of the first week with my first system. I wont even go into my current mess of mis-matched toys - the good news is ... I'm still not happy.
My first "real" system consisted of a Sony STR-1800 receiver, Technics SL-23 turntable with an Audio Technica AT-12XE cartridge and Bose 301's. I was thirteen years old and this system was purchased for me by my parents. Somehow, i think that my Father had more input on this one than my Mother did : ) Sean
1973 at 14 years old. All Marantz system. Think that the receiver was a 2275. Don't remember the speakers or the turntable. Paid for by me with lawn mowing jobs. The rest is history. If I only knew then that some 30 years later that I would need to get another lawn mowing job to keep paying for this hobby.....WHOA!!!

Good listening,

Steve Bachman
Phoenix, AZ