Your greatest high end audio purchase!!!

My audiophile journey has extended to over 40 of adventurous sonic delight. Over the coarse of my over 40 year journey as an audiophile, like so my others, I cycled through a multitude of speakers, amps, cables, etc,. Now that I’m an old guy, I’ve pretty much settled on my "End-Game" audio system for the long haul, primarily because I simply love the way it sounds, and also because, at this juncture, I no longer have the will, nor do I have the desire to continue the crazy (but fun) merry-go-round of audio components in and out like I did in years past (my spouse and my wallet thank me). When I look back on all the high-speed audio gear that I’ve owned down through the years, and after giving it much insightful thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that, after everything was said and done, my beloved Revel Salon 2 speakers were my overall most pleasurable and greatest purchase of all. What was yours?


This an interesting post. A walk down memory lane. If I had to narrow it down to one, it would be the Dunlavy SC-V speakers. Had them over 20 years and still enjoy them now as much as the day I purchased them.

I came into a few bucks and upgraded just about everything. Got a pair of JBL XPL 140s fully restored. Lexicon LX7 and MC12, JBL 2241 in 8 foot home made box connected to Crown XLS 1500, Dirac room correction. Got it all connected to battery and inverter for clean AC. This is my end game system since I’m older than dirt. It sounds amazing.

Dunno how high end these purchases are, but they're definitely the most significant as far as my two-channel system goes:

Klipsch Cornwall IVs

Hana Umami Blue

No question for me- Schiit Yggdrasil GS DAC. Revolutionized my view of streaming audio and I have never looked back. Second after that was building my GAS Ampzilla- knocked the living crap out of my Sansui 2000x amplifier section. First taste of the high end…