Your greatest high end audio purchase!!!

My audiophile journey has extended to over 40 of adventurous sonic delight. Over the coarse of my over 40 year journey as an audiophile, like so my others, I cycled through a multitude of speakers, amps, cables, etc,. Now that I’m an old guy, I’ve pretty much settled on my "End-Game" audio system for the long haul, primarily because I simply love the way it sounds, and also because, at this juncture, I no longer have the will, nor do I have the desire to continue the crazy (but fun) merry-go-round of audio components in and out like I did in years past (my spouse and my wallet thank me). When I look back on all the high-speed audio gear that I’ve owned down through the years, and after giving it much insightful thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that, after everything was said and done, my beloved Revel Salon 2 speakers were my overall most pleasurable and greatest purchase of all. What was yours?


What "ruined" me was the Audio Research SP 6. Bought it in 1978. Loved it. 

That would be my MSB S-200 power amp; it's my one component I've not thought about upgrading, and I've had it for over 10 years. 

Magnepan 20.1s, purchased like new for $5,500, new would have been $12,500. The imaging is almost always breath taking.

No doubt Vandersteen 7 mk 2 with 7 high pass amplifiers…. been doing this since Dad’s stereo arrived in 1965 ( Dual / Grado / Mac / Bozak )….. 

Lots of memories including MX-110Z, Concert Grands, SOTA Sapphire, Dynavector Ruby, Souther , CJ Premier 3, stacked Quad ESL, etc…. best bang for $ = Audioquest AQ-404…. i still have a heavily modified ( Mike Samra - thank you !!!! ) MC-240…. magical….

Enjoy the music

After years of listening pleasure, I would rank my vintage Pioneer SA-1000 integrated amplifier as my favorite component.  I use it as a solid state stereo amp, and as a preamplifier for my Alan Eaton 45 tube mono amp and Reisong A10.  Bought it at a neighborhood garage sale for $10.  When tested by the previous owner, it did not power up.  So later I bought fuses at Frye's Electronics in Burbank...problem solved.