Your impressions on Paradigm Studio 60 v5?

A few months ago, I bought a pair of PSB Image t5, knowing that some days, I will either upgrade to a better PSB or the Paradigm Studio 60 v5.

What I like about the PSB t5 is the fact that they are really full-range, extending well below 40hz.
It's a great budget tower.
However, they do not have the clarity, the resolution I have enjoyed with Vandersteen 2CE Signature (too big for my environment, I had to sell them) or the Paradigm Studio 40 v4 (they were lacking bass and were on stands).
I have not heard the studio 60 v5 - for those who have, do they extend as much as the PSBs below 40Hz? How's the bass impact? I will not have a subwoofer. I just want 2 channels, floorstanders, with the smallest foot print possible. THank you for your input!
I have the marants pm-8004 integrated to connect.
Thank you all for your comments... I thought the studio 40 were a bit too forward, good resolution, yes, but forward, loud. The PSBs are a lot more laidback, mellow, pleasant, but for one who's owned middle-range Magnepan, Martin Logan, b&w, dynaudio, Vandersteen, they sound a bit lacking in transparency, refinement.
Comparable speakers in price are Polk (probably even less transparency), Klipsch (edgy movie theater sound), and many more I have never listened to like Mordaunt Short, Monitor Audio, Axiom... any other?
I like to swap speakers once a year and do not have tons of money so I need budget entry-level high-end sound. Just liek changing desktop background. Even I had mega bucks to buy super expensive speakers, I would keep swapping...
I've had the 60v5's for 2 years now and hear none of the above complaints.What they do need is 100 hours break in,a solid base and tweeters at hear level.I listen to mostly analog with bryston B100 and there is absolutely no muddy ill defined bass or shrill or harshness except on a poor piece of vinyl.On a good CD same thing otherwise why would stereophile rate them B rating,they must have heard what I hear.
My customer didn't necessarily hear those things either until he heard something better and then definitely noticed what I was talking about. To each his own though. If you like your Studio 60 v5, then enjoy and don't worry about what others say. As far as a Stereophile Class B rating, please do not take this rating or any other review seriously.
The only Paradigm studio line I liked was the V2's. IMO a much more balanced speaker then the newer versions. To much harsh shrill tweets in the V3 on IMO. The ref 40 V2, and 100 V2 were fantastic sounding speakers.