Your jaw dropping cables


Did you have any jaw dropping experience with any type of cable? Please refer to the cable and its predecessor (and I'm not referring just to VFM - also expensive ones count).
I guess jaw dropping could be good or bad. Went from Purist Audio Aqueous to Audience Au24e (speaker and interconnect) - WOW talk about extremes.

Ended up selling both and going to Kubala Sosna Fascination - the prefect balance in my system.
Morrow MA-3's!
Have had a number of various cables in my systems including Cardas, A'quest, Tara, Tributaries, Goertz, AudioStream, et al.
Read good things about Morrow here on A'gon. Bought my first pair 6 mos ago.
I have since replaced every interconnect in my systems to Morrow.
Van den hull works with any system, neither adds anything nor substracts anything, the way it should be. Currently using Integration Hybrid.
Probably the most jaw dropping expeience I've ever had with cables were the Nordost Valhalla. Stunning cables, though after time I found them too difficult to live with long term. They were so revealing that I found my listening sessions growing shorter due to listening fatigue. I still say they are the best demo cables in the world, but I wanted cables that I could listen to for hours everyday.

I found two other cables that I would say tie for the best for long term listening, IMHO. The Jade Audio Hybrid Gold and Stealth Indra, They are very different, the Stealth being almost as transparent as the Valhalla, but a bit more musical. The Jade being probably the most musical cable I've ever heard with incredible dimensionality.

Competitors? Far too many to even think about listing, sorry.
After blind testing cables with a scoring system for over 30 years with 5 other guys; in my opinion your goal should be to achieve an emotional experience from a truly great cable. Our testing has told us that there are less than 10 manufacturers that have the capability to actually put you in front of the artist at the recording studio. My main recommendation would be do not buy cables that are made in someone’s garage and stick with the same cable manufacturer throughout your whole system that actually has a real factory. In my opinion great non snake oil cables will connect you emotionally with your system. All 6 of use now use an Italian made cable call HiDiamond and we have been for over 2 years. The technology is very different and there is no other cable that scored a perfect score in our blind test. There are very few really great cables out there. If you are looking for emotion in your system this is the best cable I have heard!