Your jaw dropping cables


Did you have any jaw dropping experience with any type of cable? Please refer to the cable and its predecessor (and I'm not referring just to VFM - also expensive ones count).
Mike60, mine also, especially after hearing their demonstration between the Odin and the Valhalla where the Valhalla was better although the demonstrator said the Odin was clearly better.
1M & 3M Teo balanced XLR-XLR cables - for two reasons:

1. Unexpectedly involving musical performance in a number of areas.

2. At $5,000 for a 1M pair and $17,0000 for a 3M pair, jaw-dropping is a totally inadequate description of my reaction when I heard the price.

They say Teo speaker cables can reach $50,000. Sadly, that is NOT a typo.
I had not heard about these cables until I read another thread on Audiogon. $50,000! I'd like to hear these for myself! Anyone know of any stores that carry these in Toronto, eh?
Any of his creations whether it is his Power cables, interconnects or Paul Kaplan's digital cable. Smooth as silk with heft and sparkling highs.