Your last concert was to see who and when?

Pretty simple, what and when was your last concert?

Lucinda Williams last night at the Orange Peel in Asheville, NC. She was amazing, as always. See her if she comes to your town.

I'd love to get your take on the eels show if you'd be willing to post about it.
I saw her at a little listening room in Ashland, VA called Ashland Coffee and Tea. She was fantastic - very funny and talkative too! I've seen Mary a few times now, she just keeps getting better.

Gretchen Peters was great tonight - same venue - very intimate seating and no talking allowed during performances.
Martyk1, it was my first Eels show, I went with two friends who are fans, not their first show. I was impressed on many levels. First was the musicianship of the band; I am/was a drummer and of course gravitate to that member of the lineup, and this guy seems to be a classically-trained percussionist. The band on all levels was top rate, and of course E is very charismatic, was younger and smaller(?) than I had pictured, was very talkative, "approachable", a wonderful instrumentalist himself, very much in command and control of the 4 players with him, a good singer, songwriter, seemed quite likable. I am not being clear her, I would definitely go again to an Ells show, they were pretty great. It was my last and 8th concert in May, and was among the top two or three; that is not faint praise, I tend to go to hear artists I really like, so I get enjoyment and pleasure from most shows. Have you been? This show was only about half sold-out; at the Keswick theater in Glenside PA, a shock to me.

I've seen them a bunch of times over the years, tho not in the last 5 or 6. E (Mark Everett) is kind of unpredictable. I've seen shows where he didn't say a word and others where he was engaging - it's part of the reason I was eager to get your take.

I personally think he's a really gifted songwriter with great command of pop, rock, and folk forms, so I'll always be curious about what he's up to. Thanks for the feedback.