Your last concert was to see who and when?

Pretty simple, what and when was your last concert?
I heard Renee Fleming sing in person with the Minnesota Orch. last Fri.
One off my bucket list. About all left now is to hear my beloved Gewandhaus Orch in their hall once more ere I shuffle off this mortal coil.
This is a little off the mark but in August I went to the 5th Annual Festival @ Creek Side, aka Kuhnapalooza, held in Naperville, Illinois. The founders of this live musical event 5 years ago decided to invite their musician friends over to more or less party and entertain each other. The musicians that participate are for-hire groups that do the Chicago bar scene. The founders set up the amps, electric piano and drums and the groups that pre-register to play no more than 5 songs each simply walk up and plug-in their guitars. The twosome that brought the crowd to a hush was a high school boy with an acoustic guitar and girl with a voice that can only be described as a gift from God.
I saw the opening night of the Fleetwood Mac tour in Minneapolis last night. Christine McVie is back and her vocals were very impressive. It's amazing that she can sing like this at age 70+. This band is always great IMO, but Christine's presence definitely changes things up a bit. One third of the set list that had previously been given over to "deep tracks" is now used to play Christine's hits. Coupled with the fact that Lindsey Buckingham's allotment of songs included several solo acoustic numbers, the net effect was a less rocking affair than the last few Mac tours.

Buckingham did redress one quirk of the last tour. While that set list included a mini-suite of tunes from Tusk, it omitted "I Know I'm Not Wrong", the IMO the fiercest straight ahead rocker on the record. He played it this time and absolutely tore it up. My highlight of the show.

Overall, however, this is definitely a somewhat gentler Mac show, but still tons of fun.

BTW, Stevie Nicks' voice was also in much better shape than I remember from the last tour. Maybe opening night gets you in before the wear and tear of touring takes its toll on vocals, but the singing last night was overall amazing.