Your last concert was to see who and when?

Pretty simple, what and when was your last concert?
Brian Wilson, Pet Sounds tour, May 13 at Moody Theater, Austin.  His voice is far from what it was, but the band was very good and it was a great evening with a couple of magical moments.
schubert- Indeed Cohoes Music Hall is still going. We have Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, Proctors, The Palace, and SPAC for the summer months. Capital District is pretty good... If I move, I won't miss the weather or the high taxes. But I digress (-:
Don't leave out The Egg.  Not a bad seat in either of the theaters in that building.  And you're correct about both the taxes and the weather.  We had early spring two days ago, late spring yesterday, and summer for today and tomorrow.  Maybe it'll snow early next week....
Taxes are rough, but could be worse , west of Albany Upstate NY pays taxes on NYC level with rust-belt wages .
But as they say taxes are the price of civilization .
Proctors is 'da bomb, love that place .
That's too funny. I go to the Egg more often than all the others, and forgot about it. I've enjoyed many shows there. Ray Manzarek/Robby Krieger, Gregg Allman solo, Beth Hart, Keb Mo.... Great venue. Proctors these days is mostly all plays, but they do have an occasional concert. I'm 51, and If I live to retire, it won't be in Albany. The price of civilization in the Carolina's is much more civilized. (-: