Your last concert was to see who and when?

Pretty simple, what and when was your last concert?
Hey Geoffkait, I saw those two bands in San Diego in 1969, Led Zep was the opener for Jethro if I remember correctly.
Yuko Mabuchi performed at her exuberant return to the Vibrato Grill in Bel Air last night, billed as a celebration of the release of her paean to Miles Davis. I thoroughly enjoyed the first set, which included Miles’ So What as well as her inspired conception of Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely.

Yuko’s creative stylings bridged bebop to a contemporary flair in her own high energy impressions. She was ably accompanied by her trio mates Del Atkins (bass) and Bobby Breton (drums) with guest JJ Kirkpatrick on the trumpet. The group laid out extended versions of some of the songs on her CD, taking the opportunity to air the full detail of their inspired interpretations without any time constraint.

The Vibrato is a lovely venue. Entering from the bright sun-lit Bel Air hillside, its blackout entry was a complete contrast that forced me to pause while my eyes adjusted. Further in, the darkness was a frame to brilliant colors decorating the stage in an expansive two storey dining room. A perfect setting for an evening of enchanting music.

About 2 weeks, Stacey Kent, the Jazz chanteuse with Jim Tomlinson, her Saxophonist husband. It was excellent, as usual, the 6th time I've seen her, I think
Lucinda Williams last Sunday and "Jeff Lynn's" ELO last night. Saw Lucinda at Woodland Park Zoo's Zoo Tunes and ELO at the Tacoma Dome. Lucinda played Car Wheels in its entirety and spent a lot of time talking about the stories and inspirations behind the songs which added weight to the performances and gave it an intimate feel. ELO was really tight, the sound was great (for that venue) and the stage and light show was spectacular. 
Courtney Barnett @ N.C. Museum of Art Amphitheater/Raleigh, tonight. She really rocks and is so natural doing it.