Your latest "HOT " secret music............

.......just waiting to be discovered? I'm referring to an artist(s) that's on the verge of being the-next-big-thing. For example, I recall, decades ago, going to a club in NY on a weeknight to hear the band Winter's Consort (from which sprang Oregon!). The place was half-full, I was able to sit pretty much wherever I wanted. The opening act was this Jersey bar band with this skinny dude with a goatee that absolutely kicked ass! Within months he was on the cover of all the major mags, Weird name though, Springsteen!

Currently I'm really diggin' the latest record from Johnny A. I 1st heard him opening for Jimmy Vaughn (Stevie Ray's bro) here in Atlanta 2 years ago. This dude deserves (and is getting) Guitar God status! Incredible chops and taste. He records on Steve Vai's Favored Nations label, but is so unlike Vai that it's not worth mentioning. You'll probably find his work in the Blues sections of your stores but he goes beyond the Blues. He's an amazing country-picker, sounds like the Ventures at times, has incredible control and he Rocks!!! I prefer his 1st record, 'Sometime Tuesday Morning' but his latest, 'Get Inside' is also a must-have. The Gibson guitar company has the 'Johnny A. Signature Model' guitar indicating that he may not be as much of a secret as I think. Did I mention his recordings are of Audiophile Quality? They'll make your system sound better!;) Johnny A.!!!

Who're you listening to that makes you shake you head and wonder why they aren't huge stars, or at least mentioned once in awhile on your favorite websites!?
Good question.

Michael Rother.

I've had his german synthesizer stuff for > 20 years now, but it seems to have stood the test of time in excellent fashion. They used to be what I'd call decent stuff--now I flat out love them and they are certainly the rare breeds where you can play a whole album side===which I do very rarely and can only think of 10 lp's or so non-synthesizer===that I do let play through. Those earlier LP's with jaki liebezeit on percussion especially. Anyone that comes over and listens loves the stuff and wonder who the guy is and invariably go out and buy his stuff.
Freak Kitchen, Move (2002). Best band around today that no one has ever heard least in the States, anyway. They must be doing OK in their native Sweden, though, since this is their fifth release with the sixth scheduled for later this year. Check out "Propaganda Pie" and "Heroin Breakfast" from Move for a taste of the band, then "Seven Days in June" and/or "Razor Flowers" to realize just how much every song is different on this album. For those interested in hearing a little more, 20 second excerpts from most songs on most albums are available free at
Shemekia Copeland!! Dr. John Produced and plays on her latest and it's absolutely killa!!!

Michael Landau - Tales From The Bulge

Karizma - Document
a couple years ago on community radio station WMNF Tampa,Fla ,also on net,I heard a CD by a band called Los Mocosos" Mocos Locos" it blew my mind as they use traditional latin,rap,ska,rock,and mix it up in a very funky way that Ive not heard done or done so well before,also very good musicians,,
circa 2004;
Jamie Cullum- Twentysomething CD (Verve).

this very quickly became my reference system demo-disc. I still use this one in 2016.