Your "Many Worlds" Audio System?

Your "Many Worlds" Audio System?

And trying to measure it.


Ah, I didn't know that. 

Interesting, thank you.

Still don't see how this pertains to audio equipment or an audio signal.

Please explain the correlation.

From the first link:

"As it turns out, the Schrodinger equation does predict what will happen.  The wave will become entangled in the waves of the quantum objects comprising the measuring device.  It will become entangled with the environment, just as pilot-wave predicted, but unlike pilot-wave, Everett dispenses with the particle."


How Electricity Actually Works

My question is if electricity is actually a wave function then how might our measuring devices be somewhat deficient in assessing the electrical properties of audio components, wires, cabling, etc. and are these devices actually measuring everything that might impinge on "sound."