Your "Many Worlds" Audio System?

Your "Many Worlds" Audio System?

And trying to measure it.


      Some excerpts, from my post to a recent thread (>1000 posts), that became so contentious, it was deleted.


    I left that thread, a couple pages prior to deletion, so: not my (direct) fault.

        At the very first mention of something as simple as Wave Function (a BASIC tenet of Quantum Mechanics), the Cargo Cult will label you a KOOK.

        But remember: they can only view/understand you, based on their limited experience, education and BIASES.

         They have overlooked the fact that, if not for the hypotheses/theories and experimentation, regarding Quantum Mechanics: a plethora of modern conveniences, medical devices and the gear they so love, would not exist.

          Had scientists, chemists and inventors shared the doctrines of the Cargo Cult (Denyin'tologists), there would be no semiconductors, computer chips, LASERs, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging devices (MRIs).

                                         Solid State amps?

                                     OOPS (back to tubes)!

                                        Your Smart Phone?

                                        FA'GET ABOUT IT!

                                         Your car's GPS?


      Bring up those pesky details, regarding the likes of QED, Dielectric Absorption, Poynting's theorem and possible application/effects, relative to frequency, that our musical signals are carried via photon or wave, outside the conductor, always from source to load and you're a KOOK?

         Again: the Cargo Cult can only understand anyone with an actual background, experience and education in Physics/QED, based on their beliefs, education, experience and biases

                Oh well- let 'em go build another runway!


          But: I'm a kook, because I believe in the SCIENCE, from which all that sprang?

           Einstein got that last one wrong (Quantum Entanglement), BUT- I still wish he'd been alive, when the Hubble Telescope proved, what he considered his, "greatest blunder" (his inability to bring symmetry to his field equation, without lambda).'s%20original%20equations%20had%20been,how%20the%20universe%20will%20end.                                            How about that?

Another example of a hypothesis/theory, with no way to EXPERIMENT/MEASURE, what you're sure must be there, in some detectable way, or another.

                                               Just for fun:

                                            Happy listening!


Are the advocates for the primacy of audio measurements for things like cables and wires actually measuring runs of music streaking through the conductors, or are they measuring simple signals?

I have seen graphs on this site purporting to show mirror symmetry between music signals from cheap audio cables versus more expensive ones, but zooming in on the graph actually shows no such symmetry. This brings to mind a big question for me - how granular are these measurements?

At least you ask questions...

Most people dont ask any and they hate those who ask some...Beware.. 😊


Audio measurements are useful to couple the gear with other components in a synergetic compatible way... Only narrow mind with no concrete training in acoustic could think that quantitative electrical measurements will indicate what they will hear as not only "qualities" of an audio system but "qualities" of the musical acoustic experience ...

The software engineering of files is not acoustic...

The recorded acoustic of a piece of live music is made of trade-off that will be TRANSLATED in your room by other acoustical trade-off of your own making... The audio gear CONVEY the signals more or less transparently thats all...

Acoustic matter more to understand audio and his link to musical experience than the electrical design of the gear...